About Us
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Cryogenic Piping and Heat Exchanger Repair
Founded in 1995, Codeweld specializes in field service and shop work on aluminum plate fin heat exchangers and fabrication/repair of ASME pressure vessels. We can offer your company a broad range of services at very competitive prices.

Codeweld employs very talented aluminum welders, with many years experience. We have portable welding shops, a 500 amp welding machine and all the specialized heat exchanger testing and repair equipment needed for repair services to aluminum heat exchangers. In addition our building enables us to perform in-house welding and fabrication on large pieces of equipment.

We have created a quality-oriented competitive company with a goal of customer satisfaction, and we offer highly competitive rates.

We hope that we can be of some help to you in the near future. If you have any questions or need any clarification, please feel free to call our offices at any time.

Thank you!
Office: (317) 784-4140
Cell: (317) 402-0371
E-mail: lvgroce@comcast.net